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De Luca Giordano



Work hard and be nice to people.

Anthony Burrill.
Creating beautiful images and building relationships are the most rewarding aspects of my work. I embrace all types of projects ranging from high profile international campaigns to the experimental work of individual photographers. To me, every project is unique and must produce consistently beautiful results that clearly reflect the client's intentions.
I'm deeply committed to my clients' success. I back that commitment with more than 10 years of experience in photo retouching, meticolous to details and endless dedication. I’m easy to work with, and I genuinely enjoy the work I do so you’ll always see me as motivated and ready to create something extraordinary.

About me

My name is De Luca Giordano, and my passion for retouch stems from a long history of creative family members. I was born in Italy, and about 11 years ago I moved to Japan, where I live with my family. Besides Italian, I speak fluently Japanese and English, and a little bit of Portugues and German. I earned a Master Degree in Science of Communication and I love to read books, especially about Semiotics and Psychology.
My favourite Japanese food is noodles ;)

To anyone all around the world, I'm here to provide first class photo retouching services for my clients and help them bring their images to life.

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Why Choose Me?

Top Quality

With me, quality is king, and it saves you time and money when you know it will be done right the first time. I take pride in always going the extra mile to create well-crafted, requirement compliant images that won't need further revisions.

Long Experience

I've been around as a freelancer for the past 7 years, providing clients from all over the world with my services on a wide range of projects, from architectural interiors to high end fashion photography. Plus, I know extensively all of the tools (and Adobe certified it!).

Reliable Support

I will do everything possible to accommodate your schedule, and I proud myself by having never failed a deadline: I always deliver on time — and most of the times even early! Plus, I’m always a quick phone call or an email away if you need me.

Solid Trust

I will never use your images for anything else than offering you my services, nor will not claim any rights on your images. Also, working with many public personalities' images, I know how privacy is important to you. For your convenience fill free to use the NDA I'm providing here.

Devoted Professionalism

I’m extremely knowledgeable about visual communication solutions as well as modern technology and creative trends. I always spare some time in order to keep up myself with the new trends in the field and to widen my technical and creative skillset.

Practical Creativity

Like most creatives, I love art and design. It's my passion. But what makes me stand out is my capacity to also provide timely suggestions on how to improve the quality of an image, as well as to offer solutions that fit your budget or creative direction if that need arises.

But you don’t have to take my word for it: see what others are saying

What people say?

The quality of the retouch and the speed in the turn around made me very happy. My requests were perfectly addressed. Will use again!

Mr. Koike

What people say?

Quick and polite, I received exactly what I was asking for. Thank you very so much. Whenever the chance, I would ask again.

Ms. Kurihara

What people say?

It was first for me to request a work, and I am very happy for the very responsive collaboration. I'm also also satisfied with the finishing. Being not accostumed to requesting online assistance, I've been kindly suggested and guided through the overall process. I would definitely use your services again.

Ms. Fujii


The beginning is the most important part of the work.

The images generated by the digital camera sensors must be converted to a computer-readable digital format before being displayed in print or screen. It's at this stage that the first, crucial adjustments are being performed, often contributing to the transformation of a good picture into an amazing one.
The most notable ones are temperature and tint adjustment, exposure compensation, highlight/shadow recovery, noise reduction and lens corrections. This fixes, if done properly, bring out the best quality of the images, opening the way to further improvements.

Good retouching work should be retouching that you don't notice.

Martin Evening
As a retoucher, the best sign of success is when no-one can tell that you've worked on an image. The picture must display its beauty, not the hand of the retoucher. And this is equally important for beauty retouch, architectural retouch or product retouch.
This means correcting texture, color and tone inconsistencies in the image, as well as respecting perspective, lighting and anatomy of the subject. My duty as a retoucher is to remove the things that distract from the purpose or the message that the image wants to convey.

Photoshop compositing is 80% inspiration, 80% preparation and 20% technique

John Lund
A composite is not a collage, where the combining of images is obvious and artificial. Composites are meant to look real, even if the subject matter is clearly unreal.
This requires a profound experience with digital imagery, as well as a knowledge of the tools that Photoshop offers to select the pieces and re-combine them in a believable manner.
Compositing allows you to pull together a wealth of assets that could never be captured in one shot. It gives you the freedom to explore outside of the single moment and build an image that fits your creative idea perfectly.

When I first read 'Lord of the Rings,' I wanted to see a film of it. But at that time, the technology wasn't there; there was no such thing as CGI.

Christopher Lee
Software & hardware technologies have developed at an accelerated rate making CGI easier, faster and more realistic. As time develops, CGI will continue to replace certain fields of photography, while in other areas it will become just another tool used to complement a photograph.
The number of possible combinations is infinite and competent and honest advice, you can be rewarded with amazing, never-thought-of possibilities and results. What CGI and digital compositing bring to the table is creative control—the ability to make exactly the shot you want. Not just what is practical or affordable.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a well crafted image is worth considerably more.

It's not just about making pretty pictures. A big part of image making is about having the foresight and direction. Being able to steer a project in the correct direction and enable it to achieve its purpose and effect visually is a craft on its own.
I believe that great ideas create great imagery and building that bridge is a really fulfilling process. My background in communication's disciplines assists me in developing and refining those ideas. From creative work, through to business strategy, I'm here always on-hand to offer informed and experienced advice.

About the process

The project must be evaluated before I start. A project should be within my service range, have a logical deadline according to the work needed and, if already set, a reasonable budget. Please take note of the following:

  • This service does not owe any responsibility regarding use limitations (e.g. copyrights) of the graphic data processed, or regarding obstacles, accidents and damages occured for utilizing this service or the graphics data provided by it.
  • This service refuses to process, by means of deletion of watermarks and information embedded, any picture deemed to be infringing copyright's laws or third-party rights.
  • Due to the nature of the service, returns after delivery are not accepted. However, any request for re-correction, if received within 7 days from the delivery, is duly attended. Please note that a new invoice will be issued.

1. Contact & Estimate
Please feel free to contact me for questions or to request an estimate.
I will reply as soon as I can by email. Please note that depending upon the complexity of the inquiry this will require some time.
2. Order request & Data handling
In case of an estimate's request, I shall reply you with a graphical map of the corrections to be made together with a price estimate for your confirmation. Along with it I shall give you a turnaround time depending on the requirements and number of images. After receiving your acknowledgment, I shall ask you for the data and start working on the image(s).
3. Sample verification & Finalization
After completing the retouching, I shall ask you to verify a sample picture. If there are points needing further work, I shall do any re-correction. I can do re-corrections up to three times as long as it limited to the correction range of the first request. In case of a request for a new item to be corrected, an additional fee for the item(s) is added.
4. Invoice & Payment
Upon receiving your approval, I shall send you the invoice by email. Please verify that all the information is correct and settle the invoice with the payment method of your preference.
5. Images Delivery
Upon verification of the payment, I shall deliver the finished images in a compressed archive format (zip or rar). I shall deliver by email if the size of the attachment is small. Otherwise, if the file size is large, I shall be making use of online storage (Adobe Creative Cloud): in that case I shall send you the mail with the relative download URL. Please download the data from it. Should you request other delivery methods, please feel free to notify me.


Whether you are an agency, a professional photographer or a model, my commitment is always to offer a perfect service. This is the reason why I have affordable but not cheap prices.
I can work either on a budget (that you decide) or on an estimate (that I propose to you) basis. Although I prefer the latter (because it's definitely more accurate, both for me and you), here is a handy form that will give you get a quick idea of the costs.

Calculated price is suggested only. Please ask me directly for the actual estimate.


What are your rates?
Because every image is unique, I will need to see high resolution images with a detailed description of what you would like done. This way I can provide an accurate quote and delivery time estimate. I understand every client has their own retouching needs, requests and budget. For your reference, please feel free to use the form above.
How to describe what I'm exactly looking for in my order?
The more detailed your requests will be written, the more I will give you the results that you are looking for.
Also you may add a reference photo or more with writing which things you would like to be done in the project requests.
How long will it take to get my new images?
After reviewing the order I shall provided you with the expected turnaround time. All orders need their own amount of time. For instance, a typical 1-4 image order normally takes 24-48 business hours.
Do you provide rush order service?
Yes. There is a surcharge fee depending on the order and the hours. Rush orders are paid in full at the time of placing the order.
Which payment methods do you accept?
I accept payment through Bank Transfer (via Transferwise), Paypal and Visa, Master card, Discover card, JCB, American express, Diners club.
About file formats and sizes
If you shoot RAW (digital negatives such as NEF, CR2, RAF, DNG) you can of course upload them. This is the best option if your files need to be “recovered” somehow (white balance, exposure, highlights and shadows etc…). And indeed my development service is perfect for your RAW files. Of course you can upload JPG, TIF, PSD files as well, but they should be at a reasonable resolution to let me work in a proper way.
How do I receive the proofs?
Proofs are watermarked high resolution jpeg files emailed or send via a file transfer system. If it's requested without watermark, a full payment must be made.
Can I have a revision of my file?
All proofs include two series of revisions within the scope of the original request. Additional revisions or requests may alter the ultimate fee for the job.
How do I receive the retouched final images?
Please allow 1 business day from the time the order is completed and all final payments have been received, for delivery of your completed files by email. I send all retouched images at the end of the order.


If you need to send me some files, you may want to drop the in my Dropbox folder here .
Otherwise, you may want to use one of the following free files transfer services:

WeTransfer Sendspace
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